Eleonora Uccella

My name is Eleonora Uccella. I’m Italian and I run a cookery school at my little B&B “LA CUCINA” on the hills of Florence, close to the organic olive oil farm of my family. I’m a professional chef and I’ve been cooking, teaching, designing menus and creating new recipes for most of my professional life, both around the world and on national TV with a daily cooking show. My Italian “Mamma” made fresh tomato sauce, which was the medicine for any of my sad moments in childhood, and I’m the granddaughter of “Nonna” Rosalia, who was a great pastry chef. So it was easy for me to become a professional chef and turn a pure passion into an amazing job. In the past 17 years, I’ve cooked for restaurants, small private events and large celebrations, and I’ve designed menus for movie makers, famous artists, magnates of industry and finance and Ambassadors in Washington D.C. I’ve shared my taste for flavours with thousands of people in Italy and around the world, cooking in professional restaurant kitchens, or stunning Villas or while sailing on a yacht. Being able to take care of my guests, family and friends and seeing people have a great time eating what I’ve prepared makes my heart smile. Of course, I have my own personal style of putting flavours together, but all the recipes that I create have strong roots in my inherited background, full of many Italian traditional dishes and shared meals.

Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 54 0587 483270 marketing@bandecchievivaldi.com